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Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions regarding your rental, the motorbikes or the dos and don’ts of riding around Wrightsville Beach and Charlotte.

If you think maintenance is required during your rental period, customer support is available to provide assistance during your rental term. 

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The engine is quiet and there is no additional sound added to it. The only noise you will hear is the sound of the tires on the road and the wind in your face.

All Huck bikes are built by hand in Cornelius, NC by our expert team of technicians. While we are on a path to bring the sourcing of all bike components to North America, some components are imported from other parts of the world. The following outlines the major components and location of origin.

Go from 0-100% fully charged in 6.5 hours but charges 20-80% in 3.5 hours. Just plug it in. All chargers are compatible with all standard wall outlets.

When the bike is turned on it defaults to “P” or park, which prevents the throttle from engaging. Press the P button on the throttle switch assembly to disengage the park function. Once you see “Ready” and 00 on the display, the bike is ready to ride. Please be in the habit of using the Park function to prevent an accidental throttle twist.

At Huck, we build rides that are more like a motorcycle than a mountain bike. Learning how to ride, and steer, a motorbike can be intimidating. So, how should you steer your ride if you are a beginner?
There are two ways to steer a motorbike, one is by using counter steering or push steering and the other is by just turning the handlebars to go the direction you want to go. Counter steering is used whenever you are traveling over 15mph, normal steering is used when you are traveling below 15mph.
Motorbikes turn by leaning (counter), you make a motorbike lean by pressing on the grip in the direction you want to go. Press the left grip – lean left – turn left, press the right grip – lean right – turn right. It really is that simple but I see new riders and some bad experienced riders try all kinds of physical gymnastics to turn a motorbike. It is really as simple as pushing on the grip on the side you want the motorcycle to lean to. It should be smooth and with very little effort. Once you get the feel for the “press” it will take a lot of effort out of your ride.

Please follow all local ordinances when using our Huck Cycle.

Most important: be safe and have fun!

There’s nothing better than Huck’ing at the Beach